Fun in the Sun

We had a great time this weekend at the Hawkstone pool!  Thanks Jordan!  


Christina took great pleasure in seeing all of us get our butts kicked by her pool WOD.  I personally lowered the pool level a few inches with the amount of water I swallowed.  I swear that pools gotta be deeper than 5’!  I could barely keep my lips out of the water on that last one.  I do slouch when I swim…



Running Technique



30 Clean and Jerks for time

*There’s much debate as to whether the "clean" in Grace should be a squat clean or a power clean.  I'm generally a stickler about the fact that unless otherwise noted, "clean" means squat clean, but in this case I fall back to the original videos posted by HQ.  For Grace, "clean" means power clean. Enjoy this one, featuring two old school CF bad assess, Greg Amundson and Dave Leys.

*I have it from a pretty reliable source that there was a 1:11 Grace at the Games a few weeks ago.  I saw the guy who did it.  He kind of looked like Conan...