It's cooling down...

I’m usually getting ready for hunting season this time of year, but this is my first year of archery, so I’ve been trying to get out before work as much as possible to shoot my bow.  The last thing I want to do is put in all the time and hard work during the season, get a shot at the mighty wapiti and screw it up due to lack of preparation before the season.  I’ve spent a lot of time shooting at 2 inch bulls eyes and a moderate amount of time shooting the 3D course at the Fort Collins Archery Range, but I didn’t feel ready.  So, this morning, I decided I’d start at the beginning of the course and run from 3D target to target, taking a shot as I arrived at each scenario.  I shot from a standing position, from my knees, from my butt, and anywhere in between.  I hadn’t been using my range finder on the 3D course in part because I wanted to practice estimating distances and confirming it with my shot as opposed to the range finder, but this morning I was hoping it would all come together.  No doubt the time I’d put in at CFE and the luxury of the range finder helped.   This morning was the first morning I felt that if my hunting season started tomorrow, I’d feel ready.  It wasn’t necessarily that I shot any better, (though I’m happy to say that none of the targets I shot got up and ran off), but I stopped thinking so much about what would happen if I didn’t make the perfect shot.  As I was leaving the range and driving to work, I reflected on the thought that it isn’t fear that separates the victor from the conquered, but courage.  Courage.  Courage to try and fail, only to try again and succeed.  This is bigger than shooting arrows at a target.  This is bigger than Crossfit.  This is life.  Practice being courageous here, so when it matters out there, you're ready...



3 Rounds of:

12 Muscle Ups

Long Loop