MetCon Macines

Man, I was proud of you guys today!  10 Minutes of Deads and Box Jumps and you guys crushed it!  The breaks were short and alot of sets went unbroken.  Keep up the good work!

**THE Crossfit gym in Fort Collins, Crossfit Evolve, is holding an olympic lifting seminar this weekend, Sunday the 29th.  They've brought in a group of rediculous coaches that have a great track record for helping folks like us set serious PR's.  The cost is incredibly reasonable for what you get, especially considering most CF clinics are upwards of 3 bills and some as much as $1000.  Either foillow the link from a few days ago, or let me (Kevin) know and we'll make sure you get in.


Strength: OHS 3RM


8 Wall Ball

16 Double Unders

8 Push Ups