The Hard Routine...

An excerpt from The Hard Routine (The CrossFit Journal, May 2008)



"The principles of setting up a hard routine are simple.  
Following them is too, but it takes total commitment.

1. Recognize that there is a benefit to not getting 
everything you want.  

2. Understand that mental toughness is born of 
adversity; that it will atrophy if not consistently 
engaged; and that it carries over to everything 
you do.
3. Objectively scrutinize one or a handful of things 
in your life that you think you need but could 
actually do without.
4. Deny yourself those things for a specified period 
of time.

Like CrossFit, the hard routine is scalable to the situation 
and the individual. Obviously, the intensity, rationale, and 
consequences of going “hard” as a catalyst for positive 
change in daily life are on an entirely different scale 
than for special operations on dangerous missions. But 
that doesn’t make it any less relevant for the less “hard” 
circumstances of our daily lives."


Deadlift 1 RM (finish the CFT)