"Estevan" and "Thea"

Courtesy Thea's Sister-in-Law...  What an amazing cake!!!

Big weekend!  Estevan turned 25 on Friday and Thea turned 30 Sunday!  Happy birthday guys!  Sorry Thea, I don't normally go round call'n out a lady's age, but 30 is something to celebrate!  Speaking of celebrate, Estevan got to celebrate twice; once on Friday night and once again after the workout on Saturday morning.  That workout, from Crossfit.com, is yours now bro!  10 rounds for time:  15 Deadlifts (135/95)/15 Pushups, cash out with 2 sled drives.  Way to push yourself!  You did us proud!  (See photos for a recap).

It wouldn't be proper if we didn't formally recognize 30 years of life today in honor of our own Thea.  So today, courtesy of Conrad's twisted, brilliant imagination, we give you "Thea".





30 Overhead Squats with a Sots press in the bottom (105/65).  The bar cannot touch the ground.  1 burpee penalty for the first offense, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc...