7 days down, 24 to go...

Casey and the "New Crew" are working hard in the morning class!  


One week of the Nutrition Challenge is in the books!  How'd you do?  Were you disciplined?  Do you laugh in the face of "Football Food" and lack of preparation?  Or, did you forget,,, cave,,, break???  Did the after dinner sweets whhisper (yes, I said, "whhhisper") sweet nothings into your ear and seduce you into "just a couple bites", only to wake up covered in in crumbs and feeling guilty?  If you were good, keep up the good work!  Your going to get out of this what you put in.  If you weren't, one word.  Shameful.  (i'm totally shking my head right now)Ha!! Just kidding.  Take-it-essy (Nacho).  Time to get back on the horse, back on your feet, back in the game!  We have just what you need; a fresh week of adversity to build the character and do a body good.    


Snatch Progressions


Long Loop

15 Hang Squat Snatch*

Long Loop

15 Squat Snatch Mid Thigh*

Long Loop

15 Squat Snatch*

*Use a weight that is challenging but that you can keep moving with