Preventing common injuries...

From: Breaking Muscle

"What’s the number one reason that CrossFitters hurt their backs? Ego. Yep, it’s true. Yes, there are definitely people who come into the sport ego-less but with a preexisting weakness in their low backs and get hurt. Far more often, it’s the jump from a shaky 285 pound deadlift to the attempt of a 316 pound deadlift – all in the name of knocking off the fifth place guy on the leader board who’s holding strong at 315 - that leads to a couple of months of education on low back injuries.


Arbitrary numbers should never trump common sense and form. Never. No athlete should risk permanent injury in the name of ego satisfaction. Think long term always. The saying, “live to train another day.” is the best mantra that one can have for lumbar protection."  

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Bench Press
8x3 @52.5%
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 Zercher 
Cash Out:
1 Long Loop for time