Become who want to be...

From CPM Fitness:

"The Solution and the Problem are the Same Thing... 

Have you ever heard of the person that won the lottery and ended up losing all of their fortune in the next couple of years?

How about the person that goes on a diet, loses 60 lbs and ends up gaining all the weight back?

Or the person that has been divorced multiple times?

We are coming up to the end of January where this is just about the time all those people that made the resolutions will end up packing it in and stopping what they set out to do.

Are you that person? Have you made goals in the past that you have not accomplished?

Until recently, I haven't fully understood the reason why we fail at completing our goals. I thought it was poor planning, lack of discipline, letting the nay-sayers convince us otherwise, etc... Then I read a quote that opened my eyes to the truth.

"If you want have more... you have to become more. Success is NOT a doing process, it is a BECOMING process. What you do, what you pursue, will elude you -- it can be like chasing butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become." -- Jim Rohn

I have always thought otherwise. Searching for ways to improve, ways to do more, get better. I believed, like most people, that to get better, I need to figure out what I needed to do better.

There is no secret what to do to get better and how to get it done. With all of the information out there we can find out exactly how to lose that weight, exactly what it takes to make a million dollars, exactly how to improve any aspect of our lives. So why aren't we all ripped, happy, made of money and successful beyond our wildest dreams??"

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The Solution and the Problem are the Same Thing... 


Incline Bench Press
5x3 for 3RM
Farmers Walk:
Long Loop (35/15)
Use bumpers and grip
ends with finger tips
*Everytime you set 
Weights down=
20 push ups