Tough as Nails

What a weekend!  The 2012 Crossfit Southwest Regional in Castle Rock was the very definition of inspiring.  The best men, women and teams of the Southwest United States competed for a chance to make it to the World games in Carson, California.  Christina did us proud.  She came in ranked 58th of about 1500 women.  Each workout was well crafted and exposed the weaknesses of even the most accomplished athletes.  The first, "Diane" was a shorty, but super intense and skill dependent.  The next, combined a 2000 meter row with pistols and heavy hang cleans, proving to weed out some of the less-than-super human competitors.  Wod 3 combined ridiculously heavy one armed snatches (70/100) with sprints, again cutting deep into the pool of athletes.  Next was the 22 minutes of squat/press hell.  Wod 5 was the Snatch ladder, where 1 man snatched 270 pounds (I thought crossfitters only had "cardio"!)  Last was a brutal combination of muscle ups, heavy deads, toes to bar, wall ball, farmer carries and box jumps.  One lady, Kim, God bless her.  She chipped a tooth during the wall ball.  Picked herself up off the ground and kept going.  Bad ass...

After 3 grueling days of the most difficult workouts conceived at this point in the games, our own Christina Contreras ended up 17th overall.  She did us proud, Eaton!  Thank you Steph, John, Jeff, T, Bowden Family (Happy Birthday Ben!), Tina and Becca for making the trip down here to support her.  Hotels, miles, time, cramped seating, etc... Thank you John and Steph for Christina's clothes and our son (sounds weird, but what the heck!!)  You guys are the best and pound for pound, we'll take on any gym's cheering section!  Thank you.

Back to work.  It's Becca's turn now.  8 Weeks to domination.



Front Squats 8x2@50%


8 Rounds:

20 Seconds Max Rep Muscle Ups (sub Pull Ups)

10 Seconds Rest

20 Seconds Max Rep Clean and Jerk (135/95)

10 Seconds Rest