Warrior Games

Congratulations to all the CFE bad assess that competed this last weekend.  Lee, Christian and Christina all did us proud over 5 awesome WOD's!  It was Lee's first comp, outside of the Open and he battled like a champ all day.  Christina was fourth going into the last WOD and Christian was second going into the last WOD.  Once they made it to the last WOD, the slate was wiped clean for the top 8 competitors.  The last WOD was "The Gauntlet", or as Jayde put's it, "The Suicide Mission".  It started with 6x 200 foot sprints, then 50 kb swings, 40 hand release push ups, 30 OHS.  There were 6 spots available to move on, so you had to reach the box in the top 6.  Once to the box, it was box jumps, 1 arm KB Snatch (75/55) and bag get ups.   More eliminations, then ball slams and pistols.  3 spots left for 20 clean and jerks (135/95).

Both Christina and Christian made it to the bag get ups.  Awesome work guys!  Not a bad little showing from little old Crossfit Eaton.



Foam Roll


5 deads @ 70%

90second rest

4 deads @ 80%

75 Second Rest

3 deads @ 85%

60 second rest

2 deads @ 90%

45 Second Rest

1 Dead @90%

WOD: (Partners)

Max Distance Short Loops in 15 Minutes

*1 resting, 1 working