Coming September 19

We are part of an amazing CrossFit community and I have to say that we exemplify that here at Crossfit Eaton.  We compete, push, motivate, "challenge", pick eachother up, hold eachother accountable.  It's hard to find what we have.  Let's help some folks who maybe need that camraderie the most.  Some friends of mine, Taylor and Blake Montey are opening Colorado's first "Steve's Club" here in Colorado.  "Steve’s Club and its participating members provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or underserved youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the CrossFit Community at a reduced, low or no cost structure."  Now the way I understand it, typically all monies raised for Steve's Club get sent into the National headquarters and then redistributed amongst the dozen or so affiliates.  However, to get "Steve's Club Battleready" off the ground, all monies raised from this first fundraiser they do will go directly to the local chapter, run by Taylor and Blake, which will be based out of Denver.

September 19th, we're giving you guys the opportunity to help.  During our regular class we're going to do the following WOD:


40 KB Swings (1.5pd, 54#/1 pd, 36#)
30 Burpees
20 Pullups (Competitive: Chest to Bar Pullups, Social: Jumping pullups)
10 Squats (Competitive: Front Squats 135#/95#, Social: Air Squats)

One person working at a time.  Score is total number of reps in 10 min.


Teams of 2, can be M/M, M/F, F/F, Youth/M, Youth/F, Youth/Youth.  

To be eligible for National Prizes, the WOD must be done as prescribed.  

Prescribed (Rx'd) for Teen boys = Women's weights, Teen girls = 60% of Teen boys (get as close as possible, ok if it's not exact).  

All reps of one exercise must be done before moving to the next exercise.  

One person is allowed to do all the reps of a given exercise, if so desired.

*More details to follow, but they're asking everyone to donate $25 dollars or more as an entry fee.

*No, you don't have to donate and you can do the WOD either way.  We just ask you to think about what CrossFit has done for you, then imagine what it can do for an at risk youth who can't afford it.  More to follow...



1RM Weighted Pull Up


For Time and Load:

Thrusters-30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5

*Each set is unbroken.  5 burpee penalty for each broken set.  Rest as long as needed between sets.