Sugar IS Good for you!


IF you're into being overweight and dying young! "Having a cinnamon roll with your morning coffee, a super-sized sugary soda at lunch and a scoop of ice cream after dinner would put you in the highest risk category in the study. That means your chance of dying prematurely from heart problems is nearly three times greater than for people who eat only foods with little added sugar. " That's an excerpt from an article that was in the Denver Post yesterday. Another, " Scientists aren't certain exactly how sugar may contribute to deadly heart problems, but it has been shown to increase blood pressure and levels of unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides; and also may increase signs of inflammation linked with heart disease, said Rachel Johnson, head of the American Heart Association's nutrition committee and a University of Vermont nutrition professor." Sounds like the old AHA is coming around!

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Fair enough. Most of us know that sugar isn't good for us. (Sure tasted good this last weekend though! Homemade cinnamon roles, mmm, mmm, good.... Thanks Jeff! ) So, no more sugar for you! Ever! Right... Having a treat here and there probably isn't the best thing for you, but it's one of life's little pleasures, right? Are there times that are better than others for a little sugar? For sure. An example would be post workout. It's important to replenish our glycogen stores immediately post workout and as quickly as possible. Are there better ways than pie and ice cream. NO DOUBT, but is this a better time than say mid afternoon or right before bed? No doubt. Check out Joe Friel's "Paleo for Athletes" if you have a few minutes.

Something else to consider is limiting your portion size and including some protein and fat with your sweets. It will help to keep you balanced hormonally and slow down the rate at which the carbs enter your blood stream. Check out Barry Sears "Entering the Zone" too...

Am I saying that you should eat processed sugar everyday? I hope you didn't read that. Something else to consider is the further you are from your ideal weight, the closer you should stick to the meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar. If you guys have questions, please ask! More on nutrition later....  

WOD: 13.3 (12min Amrap)
150 Wall Balls C20/14/10'/9' F20/10 9'/9' 90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups (sub 1 strict pull up/1 ring dip)
*Cash out with 2 rounds AB Complex