It's gettin' hot in here...

Did you know our bodies are comprised of over 60% water?  As the hot weather sets in, your hydration is severely important.  If you come into the workout already dehydrated, along with the heat and tough wod, bad things gonna happen!  Time for a water drinking challenge!  64 oz a day is minimum, but if you're working outside (which most of us are- mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, playing in the sun, etc.) or doing strenuous exercise (duh) we need MORE water.  Start keeping track of your water intake (maybe get yourself a cool new water bottle) and make sure you are hydrated BEFORE those hot PM classes!!!

Some other helpful tips to stay cool:

*  Wet your headband and put it in the fridge or freezer to keep you cool during the wod.

*  Always bring water with you to the gym and drink it more frequently on hot days.

*  Wet your hair or shirt before we head outside for running to stay cool.  (Sorry if you don't have     hair...Kevin)   :)


Skill:  Rope climbs, handstands


5K Row