Important News!


Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve got a great week planned for you, with a whole lot of opportunity for improvement!  We also wanted to let you know about all the “goings on” here at your gym. 

FIT Classes

Starting Monday, August 31, we will be adding FIT classes to the schedule.  Read to the bottom to find out what FIT is, who it's for and what it will look like!  The class times for FIT will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30am, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm. As an unlimited member, you can attend any class you'd like, just make sure you aren't overtraining!

Auto Pay

As of last week, we started switching everyone over to auto pay.  Your bill will continue to be due the day it’s always been due, you just won’t have to worry about remembering to bring your dues with you to class.  In addition to making sure we can pay all of our bills on time, it will also free us up to spend more quality time with each one of you!  There are three ways to get this done.  If you are currently a member and we have your email address, you will be receiving an email with instructions.  If you are a new member that’s never paid dues before, you can sign up on our website under the “Sign up” tab.  Finally, you can get with your coach and they get you taken care of.  The whole process takes about a minute or two.  We'd love to have everyone entered by the end of the week.  Thanks in advance for your help on this!


As far as our retail stuff is concerned, FitAid is back, we have couple bottles of fish oil left, a couple bags of protein and a handful of shirts.  All of this will be available through our website in the near future, but for now, get with your coach if you’d like to buy something.  Once you’ve got your card loaded into the system, it’ll be even more convenient!


Stay tuned this week for a date on Studs and Suds, as well as some discount pricing you might be interested in.



Snatch 1st Pull 3x5

Snatch Pull 3x3 (1st pull to a powerful shrug)

Snatch 2nd Pull 3x3 (1st pull, through the shrug and the second pull)


5 overhead squat, rest 1 min, 3 snatch balance x5 sets

*Feel free to adjust your weights between the OHS and the Snatch Balance

*Don’t worry, if you don’t have your Snatch Balance, you can scale to 8 reps of OHS

*If you don’t quite have your OHS, that’s ok!  Get with your coach on a plan…

What is FIT at CrossFit Eaton?

Our new FIT classes at CFE offer an exciting form of working out for those who desire a tough workout, but something that is a little different from the normal CrossFit classes that we offer. FIT workouts are focused more around interval training at a high intensity, which allows you to efficiently burn calories, even after the workout is over. Our new FIT classes include more bodyweight movements and various forms of circuit training, as well as anything from partner workouts to tabatas, to track workouts, to fun obstacle courses. Some FIT WODs (workout of the day) will look similar to the CrossFit WODs, and some days will look completely different. Our FIT classes are effective since the muscles never know what to expect. Each day offers something different! 

Who is FIT for?

FIT classes are for anyone and everyone! From beginners to experienced competitors, FIT offers challenging workouts for those who may be looking for less heavy Olympic lifting, and more interval training to get their sweat going on! 

What will a FIT class look like?

Come in for an hour-long session, and expect to be challenged as much or as little you want to be! We will get the body warmed up with a different warm-up each day, followed by a short daily challenge that will also vary from day to day. This allows you to see your personal progress over time! Next will be the main part of the workout. Usually this will be a circuit-style workout and will include several different movements to keep the body guessing what comes next. Our awesome trainers will help you scale the workout to your personal level, but will also push you to help you achieve your goals. FIT is a great way to meet new people, get a great workout in, and most of all, have fun while doing that! 

Our new FIT classes will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am and Tuesday, Thursday at 6:30 pm