Great job on the deadlift/short loop wod everyone!  There are some smoke'n times on the board!  Today is a another good one, so you better bring it!  Also,  Saturday we are meeting at the Hawkstone pool for a swim wod, 8:30am sharp. Bring your swim gear, towel and a brunch item to share for after the wod.  See you there!

Bench Press-10 Minutes to work to a heavy 5 reps
Bent Over DB Row-10 minutes to work to a heavy 5 reps


Turk Get Ups

WOD: 15 Min Cap
4 turk get ups (1.5/1)
16 Press (8L/8R)(1.5/1)
16 Pull Ups
100mFarmer Carry (1.5/1)
10 Press
10 Pull Ups
100m Farmers Carry
6 Pull Ups
6 Press
100m Farmers Carry