Fish oil confessions:

 Here's my little confession on fish oil... Although I'd been taking it for years, I stopped taking it for about 3 months.  I was being a big baby because it was gross and upsetting my stomach, so I stopped taking it even though I knew I shouldn't.  Well about 6 weeks ago my joints started aching pretty bad- especially my neck and shoulders, and it wouldn't go away.  No matter what I did, I couldn't shake it.  My loving, patient husband continued to remind me that fish oil is the best anti-inflammatory.  I know that and I teach it, but it's gross!  Well, I decided to put on my big girl panties, take the spoon full of fish oil and I have to tell you guys, within 3 days my shoulders and neck feel better than they have in 6 weeks.  And, I've discovered that if I take it after a big meal, I don't get the fishy burps.  Guess I just needed the reminder of why it's so important and wanted to share with you guys to encourage you to take that fish oil!  We ordered some from SFH that's good stuff, or you can get it at any health food stores, but take your fish oil...your body and brain will thank you. 


3 Turkish Get-ups (3L, 3R) with DB

5 Hang power snatch (5L, 5R) with DB

7 Toes to Bar



Push ups

Romanian DL (switch each round)

Med ball cleans

Bulgarian split squats (switch each round)

Double unders