Deload Week


Kim, Bryan, Maddie and Matt crushing the rings...

Kim, Bryan, Maddie and Matt crushing the rings...

Happy Monday everyone!  This week is going to be a deload week.  What that generally means is that the workouts may be a little shorter and a little lighter.  The goal is to move, recover and reinvigorate.  Though the workouts may seem a little easier than normal, this is by design, so please don't add extra work if you can help it.  There will also be a significant amount of time spent on a guided mobility, each day utilizing a different method .  The goal here is to add tools to the mobility tool box, so that you can better address whatever is ailing you.

On another note, the FIT Class willbe doing some intro-to-lifting work on Tuesday.  If you're interested on learning a little more about Oly Lifting, but want to do it a super laid back environment, consider the 8:30am class on Tuesday!

CrossFit Class:

1000m Row (5000m Pace)
25 Push Ups
25 Sit Ups
25 Squats
1000m Row (5000m Pace)

Foam Roll

FIT Class
100 squats
90 double unders
80 sit ups
70 KB swings
60 step ups
50 ring dips
40 lunges
30 push ups
20 pistols (10 ea)
10 pull ups