Thank You


Veterans, on behalf of CrossFit Eaton, we'd like to say thank you for your service to this beautiful Country.  Specifically, we'd like to thank Ben Bowden, Mike Holton, Danielle Nelson, Blake Miller and Melissa Smith for their service.   We'd especially like to thank Melissa, her family and her husband Matt for his service, as he is currently in Afganistan, risking his life for our well being.

*We're sorry if we missed someone.  Please know that we are very grateful! 


"Thank You"

This wod is to be done in honor of all veterans; those that have gone and those that are still here...  

21 Hang Power Cleans (HPC)(155/115)
21 Ring Dips
400m med ball run
15 HPC
15 Ring Dips
400m medball run
9 Ring Dips
400m medball run


5k run/row

alternate every 500 m

Cash out

Bring Sally up