Happy Monday!

Thanks again to all that attended our holiday party!  We had a blast and so enjoyed some one-on-one time with all of you.  We have a few announcements to share:

1. Here at CFE, we know that our best advertising is done by our members and we want to show you our appreciation for that.  So we are starting a referral program.  If you, (a current member), refer a new client you will receive half off your next month's membership when the new client signs up and pays for their first month.  Please just be sure to tell them to put you down as their referral on their intake form and let one of us know so we can complete the bookkeeping.  Thank you in advance!

2. To celebrate the new year, we are offering new clients only half-off the month of January! See our ad in the Herald.  Please help us spread the word!

3. You know we love your kids at CFE!  Please keep bringing them but please, please, please do not allow them to play on any of our equipment!  If kids/teens are not there to work out, they need to be in the kids' area.  This includes before, during, and after classes.  We will be cracking down on this so please help us out.  We want to keep our equipment in good shape for our members.

4. The CrossFit OPEN begins in 74 days! Get to work!!!!!

C&J review
1 RM Clean and Jerk

20 min EMOM
Evens (5 each side) DB OH squats