You know we love teamwork and community, so we are putting on our first annual in-house OPEN Competition!  First though, to kick things off, we're throwing a party.  Join us on Friday night for dinner and beer after the OPEN WOD.  Show up to cheer, judge, watch, work out, hang out and eat some Mexican food!!! Please RSVP for dinner on the board at the gym.

1st- Sign up at the gym.  You do NOT NEED to be registered for the games to participate.  We will transfer names and randomly assign teams to a google spreadsheet.  Everything will be posted it to our website.

2nd- You will post your weekly points on the spreadsheet. We will also have a category on the spread sheet for weekly OPEN scores, but they are not part of the competition. 

3rd- You earn points for your team by completing any of the following three tasks up to a weekly max of 3 points.

                 A.) You complete the weekly workout = 1 point

                 B.) You judge a workout = 1 point (judging certification is not required but is encouraged)

                 C.) You come and cheer for everyone = 1 point

Obviously, there are people who are registered on the Open's page and those folks will need to be judged by official judges.  For the rest of us, we'll just play the video of the workout standards, then throw down. You'll still have someone helping you keep track of your reps and standards, but they won't need to have a judges cert.

Today's Workouts


Strength: 8x3 OH squats 30x0 tempo

WOD "Nancy"

5 rounds

400m run

15 OH squats (95/65)