**Up Coming Programs**


Hump Day!!  Week's half over everyone!  We want to let you know about some exciting programs we have on the horizon.  1st, we will be starting a bible study on April 30th from 2:30pm-4pm.  This ain't no regular bible study though.  It's called WOD and WORD.  It's a six week couple's study that focuses on communication.  The bad news is, even though it's sure to make most of us better communicators, there are some folks that are just hopeless, like me (JK!)!  The good news is we will all get in better shape and be Speedo ready for the Summer, because it's one additional workout for the week!  Talk to or email Christina for additional information.

Next, we will be doing kids and teen programs this summer.  The kids program is CrossFit kids.   The focus is to get the kiddos moving right and to have fun. The Teen program is called RISE and is a partnership between CrossFit Eaton and Proactive Physical Therapy.  The goal is to build healthy athletes from the ground up.  Your teens will be screened into the program by physical therapists from Proactive and our coaches will ensure they come out stronger, faster, more agile, more explosive and generally more dynamic.  There are two sessions:  June 5-June 30 and July 10-Aug 4.   The classes will be capped at 20 and are expected to fill fast.  There is a local coaches informational meeting tomorrow night at Proactive from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Food and drinks will be provided, so if you know a coach or anyone else really, who might be interested in RISE in particular, please make sure they make it the meeting.  This is an incredible opportunity.

Be on the lookout for more info on the bible study as well as the kids and teen programs!

Now for the workout:

Team WOD Wednesday!

Team WOD (3 people to a team)
Row 7500M

Fit Wod
15 min amrap of ascending reps
5 wall balls
5 hollow rocks
10 wall balls
10 hollow rocks
15 wall balls
15 hollow rocks...