Mark your calendars!  This Saturday, 7/29, 8:30am POOL WOD!  Meet at the Hawkstone Pool and bring a breakfast item to share for afterwards if you'd like.  This will take the place of the regular 8:30am WOD.  Then next Saturday, 8/5, 8:30am TRACK WOD!  Meet at EHS track and the Cook's are cookin' up some pancakes and sausage for after...yummmmm!  Join us these next 2 Saturdays for some fun, different workouts, fellowship and food!

Now onto this week...

You all have heard the reason they name crossfit workouts after girls right?  Because only girls can cause that much pain!  Well, we're about to have a week full of them!  That's right, an entire week of CF girl wods.  And what better way to start than with one we haven't done in a really long time:


5 rounds for max reps

body weight bench press max reps

pull ups max reps



1000m run

30 pull ups

500m run

20 pull ups

250 m run

10 pull ups