Farewell WOD for Des this Friday night! Windsor Lake WOD this Saturday!!

This Friday night is the farewell WOD for Coach Des followed by tacos y cervezas at Weldwerks around 8.  

The Windsor Lake WOD is this Saturday at 830am.  Meet at the swim beach for a sandy surprise! Bring running shoes and suit or something that you don't mind getting wet...and I don't mean sweat.  Prize for the best Speedo!


Partner warm up


Partner WOD:

15 min AMRAP

8 Front squat 95/65

8 Overhead press 95/65

10 High five push ups

Partner A is doing the squats while Partner B is completing the overhead presses. Partners must wait for each other to complete the 8 reps before they can start that exercise. Once both partners finish 8 reps of each, they do 10 high-five pushups together. That’s one round.


25 minute AMRAP

400m run

25 DB strict press

50 double unders