You must BE before you can DO. You must DO before you can HAVE. BE your goal. Be the person who is consistent, be the person that eats well, BE to DO, DO to HAVE.

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***Tuesday afternoon we will have a massage therapist set up at the gym! There’s a sign up on the white board at the gym. He said he can stay later if needed. $10 for 10 minutes or $15 for 15 minutes (cash/check only). You’ll want to take advantage of this- he is a very knowledgeable and effective masseuse.


3 Rounds for time:

25 Pull-ups

50-ft Double kettlebell front rack walking lunge (53lbs/35lbs) *15.24 meters is 50-ft

100m prowler push (90lbs/60lbs)

*Weight is added to what the prowler weighs, push on pavement or smooth surface) *Substitute a box push or plate push if needed. If you cannot do the prowler push for 100 yards do a 100 foot push with a load that is challenging for the complete distance unbroken.


The workout should take less than 12:00. The volume of pull-ups will add up over the course of the 3 sets but not cause significant breakdown. Athletes that cannot do at last 15 reps unbroken should decrease the reps down. The walking lunge will fatigue the upper back due to the rack position requirements making subsequent rounds of pull-ups more difficult. The load on the lunge should be challenging but capable of being done unbroken on the first round. Advanced Attempt the pull-ups unbroken.

Option 1

20 Pull-ups

50-ft Double kettlebell front rack walking lunge (Use 53lbs/35lbs if able to do first round unbroken)

100-meter prowler push (90lbs/60lbs)

*Use a lighter weight if needed to complete the first round of this movement in less than 1 minute.) Option 2 20 Jumping pull-ups 50ft Single kettlebell front rack walking lunge (use no load if needed goal to get 50-ft in first round) 75-meter prowler push (unloaded)

Gymnastics Skill Work and Cool Down

3 Rounds, NOT for time

10 HS kick ups

15 Banded compressions

Cool Down: 1:30/1:30 Lat roll variation