3 Rounds

0:00-2:00 Run 400 meters

2:00-4:00 15 x 2 push-up burpees with jump to a 6" target

4:00-6:00 Row 600/500 meters

6:00-8:00 100 Double unders

*For the 2 push-up burpees with jump to a 6" target. Drop to the deck, perform 2 push-ups, jump up and touch a target with both hands 6 feet above standing reach.

*No leaderboard, turn of the brain and get the work done.


This is a long, unloaded effort. The runs should be performed at a fast pace. The row should be a challenging distance to complete in under 2:00. The burpees and double unders should allow for at least 30 seconds of rest.