Buck and the Ladies crushing it at the 8:30 class!! Great job so far this week. Remember next week is the weigh in for the 1 month challenge!! Keep up all the great work and stay strong!

Workout, part 1

In 8:00:

3 Push Press

Workout, part 2

At the 10:00 mark

For time:


Push Press (Use 70% of part 1)

Kettlebell swing (70lbs/53lbs)

*8:00 time cap


The load on the push press should be challenging for the volume of reps programmed. All rounds may need to be broken up on the push press 1-2 times. The swings should be tough but there should be no more than 1-2 short breaks each round. The redundancy of the hip extension demands on each movements will challenge this workout further. Athletes should strive to avoid overextending the back on the overhead position of both movements.