As the CrossFit Open comes to a close, it always makes me a little sad. I love those Friday nights with all of us together, encouraging and supporting each other,  and sharing a beer afterwards. And the Sunday re-dos that try to beat their Friday score! It's such a fun time and we are so glad so many participated this year and hope that we'll have even more join us next year! Now on to our CFE team competition:

And the winner is......

BLACK TEAM!!!!! Way to step up this week and snag that win black team! 

Let's spend one more Friday night together on April 6th and watch the new crossfit movie "The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth." We'll do a short WOD together (18.6) and then have a movie night with food and drinks supplied by the losing teams- GREY and RED. Bring chairs! It will be a fun way to wrap up the open, celebrate our team comp.,  and we hope you all can make it!  

And now for today's workout:

For weight: 5,4,3,2,1 Front Squat

*The goal is to increase load slightly each set. This is not necessarily a 1 rep max testing day, do not go light on the prior 4 sets! Go heavy! 2 mins. rest between sets.


Black team snags the win!!! 

Black team snags the win!!!