team burpees.jpg




With a partner:

In 7:00 Find a 3 rep max hang power snatch. *The first attempt must be with an unloaded barbell. **Athletes should attempt to use the same bar. **Once the bar is deadlifted to the hang position the reps must be completed without the bar being dropped or going below the knee in the hang position.

Intended Stimulus: Find a max 3 rep hang power snatch in a tight timeframe and with overall low volume. This will this not intended to be near 1 rep max loads.

Rest 3:00:

With a partner As many reps as possible in 7:00

Synchronized bar facing burpees *Log team reps for leaderboard

Intended Stimulus: Ouch! Scaling Options: None. Only scale if the athlete cannot safely jump over the bar and perform a step over.


Rest 3:00

With a partner:

As many reps as possible in 7:00 Max calorie row

*Partners rotate in any fashion. Intended Stimulus: Hard row intervals and a nasty finisher to close out this workout.