This is a go-to meal for our family. We interchange the meat and veggies depending on what we have. If I want to use up prepped food or just don't have the time or the creativity, this takes less then 20:00 to make and I can use up as many leftovers and prechopped veggies as I need/want.

The idea is you have one meat, one- two eggs, 350 grams of veggies and a pasta sauce. The egg is yummy but if you have some avocado that's great too as it is primarily added to this recipe for the fat. Preferably the pasta sauce has not added sugar. Here is the version we made this week. 

100 gram, Cauliflower
100 gram, Zucchini
100 gram, Pepper, Sweet Orange
50 gram, Onions
1 cup, Pasta Sauce
1 large, Egg
3 ounce, Grilled Chicken Breast
*Pepper to taste.

Start a pan with a spray oil. 
If not already prepped chop veggies and toss in the pan. Keep the heat on medium to low. Add the meat (It is assumed it is pre-cooked).

Once the veggies are softening up, add 1 cup pasta sauce. Stir and break an egg over the top. 

The egg takes longer to cook then you'd expect, cover and forget about it for 5:00. Makes sure it's cooked through and it's all ready! 

To change the portions on this meal just add or subtract mostly the protein.  The below macros are for a female, add 2-3 ounces of meat and/or either another egg or avocado for a male depending on their macronutrient needs. Some will need a piece of fruit to finish it off.