it's Monday, don't forget to be awesome!


For Time:

50/40 cal Row

50 Ring dips

50 GHD sit-ups

50 Ring push-ups

50/40 cal Ski erg

*Sub a rower or an air bike if a ski erg is not available.

*Modify GHD to 100 abmat sit-ups as needed.


This is largely an upper and trunk stamina biased workout. Athletes should be encouraged to break up the reps on the upper body gymnastics into small sets with short rest breaks to maintain consistency. Faster athletes will finish in about 15:00 while most will finish in approximately 20:00.


For Time:

50/40 cal Row

20 Ring dips + 20 Band assisted ring dips

50 GHD sit-ups or 100 abmat sit-ups

20 Ring push-ups + 20 Band assisted ring push-ups

50/40 cal ski erg


For Time:

40/30 cal rOW

30-40 Box dips

50 Abmat sit-ups 30 Banded push-ups

40/30 cal ski erg

*Sub a rower or an air bike if a ski erg is not available.


Upper body pulling accessory training:

3 Rounds, NOT for time:

15 Triangle lat press downs

0:15 Hold Rings to Chest

0:15 Hang on Bar

Shoulder Stretch Sequence A

2 Rounds

0:30 Arm out to side

0:30 Arm at 45

0:30 Rear delt 10 Internal/external

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