PLANK-uary is officially over and it looks like Becca is the plank queen and Jeff tried hard to catch her! Now, it’s on to the next monthly challenge: Feb-ROW-ary!!! Did you know that Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes and the biggest lake in North America? And it is also the world’s largest freshwater lake! So…. why don’t we row across it! As a gym, we are are going to try to accumulate the distance across Lake Superior which is 257, 495 meters. We need EVERYONE’s help to get there! We have until February 28th to reach this goal as a team! We’ll keep a running tally on the white board, add your meters rowed to the total everyday and let’s row our boats!!!!

This seems like a perfect time to remind you to sign up for the CrossFit Eaton Games AND/OR the CrossFit OPEN. See a coach if you have any questions.



AMRAP 7:00

10 Power Snatch (75lbs/55lbs)

3 Bar Muscle Ups