Todd doing what he does best….”Spotting”

Todd doing what he does best….”Spotting”

Skill: Thruster Progression


For time:

50/40cal Row

50 Pull-ups

50 Thrusters (75lbs/55lbs)

This workout is intended to be very light and fast. Expect the row to impact capacity on the pull-ups. Attempting small and consistent sets may be beneficial for a lot of athletes. Those that have high rep unbroken pull-ups, attempt large sets to really push the pace. The thruster load should allow for at least 20 reps to be completed unbroken.

Faster athletes could finish this workout in under 8:00-9:00.


2 Rounds

20/20 Single arm banded low row

20 Banded air squats, slow and controlled

0:45/0:45 Banded shoulder stretch