STRENGTH: Complete a set every 4:00

Set 1: 2 Front squats

Set 2: 4 Front squats

Set 3: 6 Front squats

Set 4: 8 Front squats

Set 5: 10 Front squats

Intended Stimulus: This first is intended to be a very challenging set for 2 reps. After the set is finished determine the loading for the set of 4 reps. If the 2 rep set left room for more reps, attempt the same weight for the 4 reps set. If the set was very heavy, reduce load slightly for the set of 4 reps. Continue in the fashion for the remaining 6, 8, and 10 rep sets. Ideally, the set for 2 reps is the heaviest set and loads slowly and progressively decrease with each set.

CORE CRUNCH: 3 Sets for max effort

L-sit + tuck L-sit

*Do not allow a single set to go beyond 1:00

*2:00 Rest between efforts.

3 Sets: 15 GHD hip extensions

*Add a plate hold across the chest to make this more challenging