Jeff is our biggest kid! :)

Jeff is our biggest kid! :)

Speaking of kids…

CrossFit Kids classes are starting back up! Here are the details:

Ages: 3-6

Day: Every Thursday (starting March 7th)

Time: 12:30-1:15pm

In CrossFit Kids, it is imperative to pair fitness and fun, thus crafting a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children. CrossFit Kids combines gymnastics, and body weight calisthenics to develop capacity across all essential physical skills, with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. Each class will include a skill, warm up, WOD and end with a game. Contact coach Brandie with any questions. Class size is limited so get your kids signed up! We look forward to having these awesome little ones show us how it’s done!

Skill: Power Cleans

WOD: 3 rounds of

5 Power cleans (185lbs/125lbs)

10 Bar-facing burpees

Immediately into 3 Rounds of:

25 Power cleans (95lbs/65lbs)

25 Burpees

*20:00 Time Cap