Today is an active recovery day. Take some time to work on mobility and stretch out what feels sore! Great work everyone on yesterdays WOD!!



For time:

3 Sets

1,000m Row

*Rest as needed between sets. The recommendation will be to rest at least 5:00

Skill Work:

5 Wall Walks + 0:05 Handstand Hold after each wall walk

10 Kick to handstands with a 0:03-0:05 hold attempt

10 Handstand push-up negative, attempt a 0:05 lowering phase

The goal is to practice handstand skills, post workout, in an environment where there is no rushing to complete the movements. Rest as needed between reps/movements to ensure high quality. The goal is not extra fatigue, but rather skill and control. Athletes can mix these movement into the rest intervals on the row section as desired.