2 Rounds for time:

25 Box jumps (30"/24")

50 Abmat sit-ups

800m Run


This workout is unloaded with some repetitive functions when combining the box jumps and running together. Faster athletes will be done in under 15:00. The box jump height is high, but should allow for consistent reps to be completed, where a set of 25 reps should not take longer than approximately 2:30. The abmat sit-up volume is relatively high and made more difficult with the high number of reps per round. The run distance is moderate. Run at hard but submaximal pace on the first round and push the pace more on the second round.

Congratulations to everyone on all their hard work with April “Assault Bike Challenge”! A total of 14,807 calories were burned! Without any further adieu our new monthly challenge will be….”May the floor wipers be with you”! Each member will be challenged with completing 400 floor wipers by May 31st. Good luck!!

*Try to keep feet and legs together as you lower to the side, bar does not need to be weighted, each side equals one rep,