Save the Date: June 22, CrossFit Eaton’s 10 year anniversary WOD and BBQ/Open House! We’ll celebrate 10 years at 10:00 with 10 rounds of 10 movements! Then we’ll celebrate with 10 drinks afterwards! (Or Matt’s style of 10 desserts!) :)

Dessert first! I like your style.

Dessert first! I like your style.

Skill: Power Clean

WOD: EMOM 24:00

Minute 1- 3 Power cleans

Minute 2- Rest

Minute 3- 3 Shoulder press

Minute 4- Rest

Notes: This session is primarily focusing on heavy lifting as well as mechanics allow in a short time frame. All sets should be above 70-75% of 1 rep max. Athletes should increase loads for at least the first 3-4 sets. On the power cleans, reps can be completed in singles but must be completed by 0:20 into the minute timeframe. Use loads from last Wednesday's workout for estimates on weights to be used for the shoulder press.

Post-WOD skill work: Handstands