Intimidated by CrossFit?  Don't be!  CrossFit is a methodology for becoming fit, losing weight and kick-starting a new healthy you.  I often hear, "I need to workout before I start CrossFit.", this is not true.  We are here to help you learn and become successful as you work towards accomplishing your goals!   To this end we are excited to start our new fundamentals program. This program is designed to teach you the fundamental movements that will give you a solid foundation to join our regular CrossFit classes.  The fundamentals program consists of three one-on-one personal coaching or small group sessions tailored to your specific needs.  The classes are designed to introduce you to the fundamental movements used in CrossFit.  We will also explore scaling options for all lifts, skills, and movements.  This will allow you to integrate into our regular classes more easily and ultimately be more successful.   The cost is $175 to include the three sessions and your first month’s dues.  If you have any questions, contact us via the CONTACT CROSSFIT EATON tab on our webpage or call us at (720) 273-3136 or (970) 443-9940.  We look forward to hearing from you!